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Classes & events

Mabon ~ Autumn Equinox Ritual

Saturday, September 27MabonImage

7:30 Doors Open
8:00 Ritual Begins

The Green Man Store
5712 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

$10 – $20 (sliding scale)

Join Reclaiming to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time of balance and harvest. Also known as Mabon, this festival celebrates the halfway mark between summer & winter, when day and night are equal. We’ll celebrate the gifts of the earth and also accept that the soil is less productive. Warmth is behind us, cold lies ahead – even in Southern California! Among the sabbats, Mabon is the second of the three Pagan harvest festivals, preceded by Lammas / Lughnasadh and followed by Samhain.

  • Men & women welcome! All ages welcome to this clean and sober event.
  • Potluck to follow, bring a dish to share and utensils/cup/plate
  • Carpooling, biking, and public transit encouraged!

Pearl Pentacle in the Woods

Saturday, August 9
Sunday, August 10

Taught by Laura Wyrd & Caduceus
Pre-requisite: Reclaiming’s Elements of Magic Class

Location: Malibu or Topanga – TBA
$250 – $120 (sliding scale)

Space is limited; registration and payment are required by July 31st to guarantee your spot.
Contact: Laura Wyrd.

In this weekend intensive, deep in the forest, we will explore our connection to community through the Pearl Pentacle: Love, Law, Knowledge, Liberty and Wisdom. Our class will be structured around Reclaiming LA’s Lammas Ritual, and all class participants are invited to build community further by attending.

The Pearl Pentacle is one of Reclaiming’s four core classes and is an important part of the foundation of Reclaiming Tradition Magic. Within the container of our class we will use ritual, movement, meditation, trance, chants, and drumming to explore the points and connections of the Pearl Pentacle and how its powerful energy can be shaped and channeled into our lives. Some of the interactive magical exercises & tools will include: Trance, Dance, Shifted Awareness, Aspecting, Transforming Old Stories, and Exploring what Gifts we have to offer the world. The energy of this Pentacle is full of depth and healing – the ability to turn wounds into jewels; a great companion tool in times of challenge.

Each point of the Pearl Pentacle radiates through us and into the world, offering the powerful and visionary qualities of Love, Law, Wisdom, Liberty and Knowledge. We become the conduit through which the Pearl can flow into the world, as we honor and celebrate the sacredness of life and the Earth. This pentacle provides a framework for developing self and group awareness, building intuitive skills, and for stepping into one’s power in the world.

Additional Note: Because this magic works better with more students, we will be requiring a minimum of 9 students to continue the class. Payments are best made by check; for alternative payments, please contact Laura Wyrd.

Redwood Family Magic Camp

Wednesday, August 13 – Sunday August 17, 2014

Mendocino Woodlands, Mendocino CA (Campsite 3)

Share in 4 days of Reclaiming style, Earth-based spirituality, magic, and community at Redwood Magic Family Camp! Join us in the redwoods at Mendocino Woodlands as we weave a web that crosses the generations. Redwood Magic is a do-it-ourselves, all-ages family camp; a few Reclaiming teachers will attend to help anchor rituals and morning workshops, but everyone can make offerings during the course of camp.

More information and registration.


Rite of Aphrodite ~ Community Ritual

Saturday, Sept. 13

7:30 Doors Open
8:00 Ritual Begins

The Green Man Store
5712 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

$10 – $20 (sliding scale)

Led by Laurie Lovekraft & Urania

Women & Men welcome!

Join us for a rousing community ritual to celebrate the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and receive her luminous blessings! Through prayer, song, and offerings we will honor the gold-crowned Great Goddess of love, grace and pleasure.

“Mighty Aphrodite, come into our hearts so that we might adore thee and get to know thee better. Watch over us as we go about our mortal days and help us to realize our potential as beautiful, creative beings!”

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, gracefulness and sexual rapture. She was depicted as a beautiful woman usually accompanied by the winged gosling Eros (Love); Her attributes included a dove, apple, scallop shell and mirror. According to Hesiod and the Homeric hymn on Aphrodite, the goddess – after rising from the foam – first approached the island of Cythera, and thence went to Cyprus. As She was walking on the sea coast, flowers sprang up under her feet, and Eros and Himeros accompanied her to the assembly of the other great gods, all of whom were struck with admiration and love when Aphrodite appeared.

The early worship of Aphrodite was of eastern origin, likely introduced from Syria to the islands of Cyprus, Cythera, and others, from whence it spread all over Greece. Aphrodite was brought into Syria from Assyria and appears to have been originally identified with Astarte (known to the Hebrews as Ashtoreth).

  • Please bring an offering to Aphrodite (a flower, sea shell, something sweet, etc.)
  • A community potluck will follow the ritual, bring food and drink to share, as well as a plate, cup and utensils
  • The Rite of Aphrodite will be paired with the Aphrodite Awakening 2-Day Workshop at the Green Man Store on Saturday, September 13 & Sunday, September 14. Participation in the workshop is encouraged but not required.

Aphrodite Awakening ~ 2-Day Workshop

Saturday, Sept. 13
Sunday, Sept. 14

1:00 – 5:00 pm (both days)

The Green Man Store
5712 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

$100 (advance registration coming soon or payable at The Green Man before class)

Taught by Laurie Lovekraft & Urania

Women & Men welcome

Step into Aphrodite’s grove for a 2-day intensive to connect with Her energy of love, pleasure, beauty, healing and sacred creativity. Greek Goddess Aphrodite arose from the foam of the elemental waters and is a later incarnation of Astarte and Inanna. Her majestic qualities can grant self-acceptance and supreme self-love. Aphrodite can help you embrace your creative identity uninhabited by fear, leading to increased vitality, magnetism, and confidence!

In a loving community of support (women and men welcome!) Aphrodite will be our guide to explore Her power and potency through ritual, trance, energy work, communication, journaling, and art.

“Hail Aphrodite! Sea-born queen with eyes cerulean bright. Come, all-attractive, to our prayer inclined, for thee we call, with holy, reverent mind.”

This workshop is open to all participants regardless of magical experience. However we will not be spending time teaching basic magical skills, so participants should have basic skills such as grounding and individual ritual skills. If you are unsure whether this class is for you, please contact the teachers at laurie@lovekraft.com.

Reclaiming’s Core Classes

Elements of Magic

With the art of magic, we deepen our vision and focus our will, empowering ourselves to act in the world. In this class we begin the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Techniques include: visualization, sensing and projecting energy, chanting, trance, creating magical space, spellcraft, and structuring rituals. Group experience follows feminist consensus process. We hope to provide a fair and nurturing environment for all participants.

Each class is structured as a ritual, and includes practical ritual and magical skills. Elements of Magic allows us to explore these skills in a supportive group setting. This class is a great way to connect with other people exploring Reclaiming-tradition magic and witchcraft.

We welcome both beginning students, and advanced students who want to deepen their experience of the sacred elements.

Prerequisite: Reading of the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.

Iron Pentacle

Using our magical skills, moving and shaping energy, transforming ourselves through trance to explore the five points of our inner pentacle: Sex (primal energy), Self, Passion, Pride (self-esteem), and Power (effectiveness in the worlds). Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students. Learn more about the Iron Pentacle in the Reclaiming Quarterly.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Pearl Pentacle

We will work with the deep, healing energies of the Pentacle of Pearl, moving through the five points: Love, Law, Wisdom, Power and Knowledge. Learn more about the Pearl Pentacle in the Reclaiming Quarterly.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage focuses on dreams, myths, and language, using traditional and non-traditional tales and techniques to create a personal rite of passage. Through storytelling, trance, release work and dreams we receive our challenge(s), meet our helpers, work through our blocks and emerge renewed, reborn. Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

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