Classes & Events

Mabon Ritual

Saturday, September 23
5:00pm Gather (details below)
5:30pm Short hike and ritual

We’ll gather at 5:00pm at the gathering location and take the 10 minute walk together to the ritual location site.

Gathering Location
Griffith Park
Merry Go Round Lot Two
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Ritual Location
Old Los Angeles Zoo
4801 Griffith Park Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027

$0 – $20 suggested donation

The AUTUMN EQUINOX, also known as Mabon, celebrates the halfway mark between summer & winter, when day and night are equal. This festival is traditionally celebrated as a time of balance and harvest. As we approach this particular Autumn Equinox, we are called to face just how out of balance our world has become. Wildfires that race through hundreds of thousands of acres, hurricane force wind and waves decimating entire towns, earthquakes – the elements are screaming at us to wake up, to respond. No longer can we look away.

Please join us in working magic to seed the systemic change needed to respond to climate change, to restore balance and bring humankind into greater harmony with our environment.

We will be working with the Welsh deities Cerridwen and Gwion Bach, and our intention is:

We drink the greal, we face the great instructor, we seed the change.

All Genders Welcome!
Children welcome with adult supervision.

What to bring

  • Please bring water for yourself
  • To support those in recovery, this ritual is clean and sober.

This will be a low-impact ritual, with no altar and no organized potluck afterward due to uncertainty about hiking with food.

What to wear

  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Clothes you feel comfortable wearing in a public park (e.g., this may mean shorts and a t-shirt instead of your usual ritual wear)

Pearl Pentacle – Weekend Intensive

Saturday, October 14
10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Sunday, October 15
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

In the Los Angeles area. Address shared upon registration.

Taught by UraniaCaduceus, and Ravenna 

$120 – $250 (self-determined sliding scale)
(a limited number of partial scholarships are available for those in need)

Pre-Register Now via email; please include information about when you took Elements of Magic and who your teachers were.

Each point of the Pearl Pentacle radiates through us and into the world, offering the powerful and visionary qualities of Love, Law, Wisdom, Liberty/Power and Knowledge. We become the conduit through which the Pearl can flow into the world, as we honor and celebrate the sacredness of life and the Earth. This pentacle provides a framework for developing self and group awareness, building intuitive skills, and for stepping into one’s power in the world.

Within the container of class we will use ritual, movement, meditation, trance, chants, and drumming to explore the points and connections of the Pearl Pentacle and how its powerful energy can be shaped and channeled into our lives.

The energy of this Pentacle is full of depth and healing, the ability to turn wounds into jewels, a great companion tool in times of challenge.

Some Pearl Pentacle articles are available in the Reclaiming Quarterly archives.

Questions? Email:

Reclaiming Elements of Magic is a prerequisite for this class.

Reclaiming Tradition Core Classes

Elements of Magic

Each class is structured as a ritual, and includes practical ritual and magical skills. Elements of Magic allows us to explore these skills in a supportive group setting. This class is a great way to connect with other people exploring Reclaiming-tradition magic and witchcraft.

We welcome both beginning students, and advanced students who want to deepen their experience of the sacred elements.

Prerequisite: Reading of the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.

Iron Pentacle

Using our magical skills, moving and shaping energy, transforming ourselves through trance to explore the five points of our inner pentacle: Sex (primal energy), Self, Passion, Pride (self-esteem), and Power (effectiveness in the worlds). Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students. Learn more about the Iron Pentacle in the Reclaiming Quarterly.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Pearl Pentacle

We will work with the deep, healing energies of the Pentacle of Pearl, moving through the five points: Love, Law, Wisdom, Power and Knowledge. Learn more about the Pearl Pentacle in the Reclaiming Quarterly.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage focuses on dreams, myths, and language, using traditional and non-traditional tales and techniques to create a personal rite of passage. Through storytelling, trance, release work and dreams we receive our challenge(s), meet our helpers, work through our blocks and emerge renewed, reborn. Six classes (or weekend intensive), culminating with a ritual created by the students.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class or equivalent.

Sliding Scale

At Reclaiming LA, we’ve chosen to offer a sliding scale fee to make it easier for more students to participate in our classes by paying what they can afford. We also have scholarships available for students who need additional assistance. It is up to each student to self-assess their ability to pay.