Ostara Ritual

adam oehlers
Image by Adam Oehlers

Join Reclaiming LA to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Also known as Ostara, this ritual celebrates the halfway mark between winter and summer when day and night are equal length. The Spring Equinox marks one of four special points on the Earth’s rotation around the Sun when light and dark hang in perfect balance.

In ritual space we’ll come together to celebrate springtime and growth – the renewal of life that appears on the earth after winter. This is a time to break free from that which has been holding us back. It’s a time to shed the baggage and make a fresh start – to move on, to look forward rather than behind.

We will be working with The Star Goddess and the Blue/Green/Red Godd(s). Our ritual intention is: Sending healing energy down into the roots, we nurture our budding blooms.



4:30 PM: Gather & Drum Jam
5:00 PM: Ritual Start

Gathering Location:
Griffith Park
Merry Go Round Lot Two
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(To get to Merry Go Round Lot Two, drive through Merry Go Round Lot 1 and out the back of that parking lot, continuing up the hill to the next lot. Lot 2 does not have any signage.)

Ritual Location:
Old Los Angeles Zoo
4801 Griffith Park Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Suggested Donation: $5-$20 (no one turned away for lack of funds)


The ritual space is approximately 3/10 of a mile from the parking lot. The ritual space is uphill (ranging from a 6 to 10% grade) from the lot on a paved road, then downhill over grass. There are no curbs between the parking lot and the ritual area. Organizers are happy to help folks up or downhill as best we can.

The ritual will be held grassy area that is relatively level, but does have small dips and divets. This area is relatively secluded but is visible from the main trail. There are very few sound reflective elements near the ritual space that would reflect sound back to attendees. We are likely to complete the ritual around dusk, and there is no street lighting.

We have written this to be as inclusive as possible so that people with accessibility concerns do not have to do the labor of asking. If we have overlooked some aspect, please email us at, and we will do our utmost to answer – your question is not a burden in the slightest, and will help us to improve our accessibility statements on future rituals.

Children’s Ritual
An egg hunt will be offered for children! If you plan to bring children who would like to participate, please let us know how many and their ages by emailing so we can plan accordingly.

What to Bring/Wear
●  The ritual site is shady, and may get cold as the sun sets, so you may wish to dress in layers.
●  If you wish, please bring flowers as an offering.
●  Bring percussion instruments for the drum jam if you are called!

All Genders Welcome!

To support those in recovery, all of our rituals are clean and sober.


Ritual Calendar

Ostara: March 23 @ Griffith Park
Beltane: April 27 @ Griffith Park
Litha: TBD @ Nicholas Canyon Beach
Lughnasadh: July 27 @ The Green Man
Mabon: September 21 @ Griffith Park
Samhain: November 2 @ The Green Man
Yule: December 15 @ Nicholas Canyon Beach