A Stand of BIRCHes

This page contains information, as collected relating to Reclaiming’s Broad Intra-Reclaiming Council of Hubs (BIRCH) meetings. BIRCH is place-time when all-tradition decisions are considered, discussed, and consented to. Key decisions indicated are paraphrased from the notes.

Archives are in reverse chronological order. If something is missing you would like to see added, please let us know via email at feedback@reclaimingla.org.

BIRCH 2021

BIRCH in 2021 consisted of three separate synchronous meetings, held via Zoom and broadcast on YouTube, and was interwoven with on-going, asynchronous discussions about the same topics held via Loomio.

Meeting 3

Meeting 3 was held on 13/14 February, 2021.

Key decisions: Consensus to adopt two proposals. The first changes some of the ways in which future BIRCH meetings will be conducted. The second proposal supports resourcing marginalized people and communities.

Meeting 2

Meeting 2 was held on 6/7 February, 2021.

Key decisions: We achieved consensus on two proposals to:

  1. Charge all Reclaiming communities to develop processes to stop racialized harm, and harm committed against other marginalized groups, including trans an non-binary folk; and
  2. one or more groups will be formed to collect and share best practices around stopping harm.

Meeting 1

Meeting 1 was held on 30/31 January, 2021.

Key decisions: Consensus was reached to revise the Principles of Unity, as proposed by DARC, to make clear that Reclaiming is an antiracist tradition.

BIRCH 2020

Consensus was reached to disseminate for consideration proposed changes to the Principles of Unity.

BIRCH 2019

BIRCH 2012

BIRCH 2010

BIRCH 2008

BIRCH 2006


This page is updated both as BIRCH meetings are held and as archival information becomes available. This page was last updated on February 24, 2021.