Lughnasadh Ritual

John William Waterhouse


We enter our Temple of the Oracles, we trust our allies and our instincts, and we listen through to the future.

Reclaiming Los Angeles invites you to meet with Lugh and a band of oracle priestexes for a special celebration of His festival!

Lughnasadh–also called Lammas, or Loaf-mas–is the festival of the first bread, and with it, a celebration of the god Lugh. Lugh is the god of the lightning strike, the master of many tools, the quick-tongued warrior who uses truth as one of His weapons, and the unlikely leader who knows the ins and outs of resisting an empire. This year, Lugh invites you to attend our Temple of the Oracles, where you may ask questions of, and be in conversation with, divine allies of our community. Please trust your own best instincts, and drop in for a brief reading, or stay longer to witness the oracles at work, as you are called!

Lugh is a long-term ally of Reclaiming LA, and our sincere hope was to celebrate His festival in-person with our community. After much deliberation, however, we decided that it would not be possible to find a ritual venue that would be safe for all our community members. We live in extraordinary times, and we are weighing the ways the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect vulnerable members of our community, alongside the effects of climate change that make it likely we will experience dangerous daytime heat and smoke-filled air if we choose to gather in an outdoor park during this season. For this reason, we have chosen to hold our Lughnasadh celebration online.

The Lughnasadh planners recognize that at this point in the pandemic, there is less appetite for long online events that follow every traditional ritual beat. With this in mind, we have prepared a ritual where you may honor your own energy levels and needs, and participate for exactly as long as you would like.

The RLA Ritual Planning Cell will continue to weigh our strategy for returning to in-person rituals in a way that honors the needs of the whole community. Please respond to this poll to share thoughts or concerns you would like us to consider.



8:00 PM – 9:30 PST

You are welcome to drop in at any time within our 90 minute oracle panel. Follow your own instincts, and stay for a short visit, a longer interval, or the entire ritual span, as you are called.

Arrive at 7:45 PM PST if you would like to be present for sacred space creation. Otherwise, please know that when you open the Zoom link, you are stepping through a doorway into a sacred circle that has been created for you.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 886 6298 7708


All Genders Welcome!

To support those in recovery, this ritual is clean and sober.

2021 Ritual Calendar

Brigid: February 6 online via RLA Zoom

Ostara: March 20 online via RLA Zoom

Beltane: May 1 online via Zoom

Summer Solstice: June 12

Lughnasadh: July 31 online

Because of the uncertainty around whether we will be able to hold in-person ritual this year, we will be announcing ritual dates only a few months in advance, and will make decisions on online or in-person format based on local health guidelines.