Lughnasadh Ritual

by John Rogers Cox

Lughnasadh–also called Lammas, or Loaf-mas–is the festival of the first bread, and with it, a celebration of the god Lugh. Lugh, god of the lightning strike; Lugh, the master of many tools; Lugh, the quick-tongued warrior who uses truth as one of His weapons; Lugh, the unlikely leader who knows the ins and outs of resisting empire. In this season, we follow His lead, celebrating not only the gifts of the earth that sustain us, but also the sacrifices that allow us to survive. Bread is baked; yeast eats its fill of summer sugars and dies gloriously in the heat of the oven. The land reclines in the warmth of August, but the days are already growing shorter. And Lugh knocks at the gate, inviting us to speak our truths, to use our many tools of resistance, and to look for what will feed us through the season of long nights.



Start time TBA by mid-July
via Zoom (check back for Zoom link closer to the ritual)


All Genders Welcome!

To support those in recovery, all of our rituals are clean and sober.

2020 Ritual Calendar

Our 2020 ritual schedule has been changing in response to social distancing guidelines and the needs/energy levels of the community in these transformational times. We will do our best to update this ritual calendar as soon as we are certain about plans for our upcoming events.

Brigid: February 8 at the Green Man

Ostara: March 21 self-guided online ritual

Beltane: May 2 online

Litha: June 20 self-guided online ritual

Lughnasadh: August 1 online

Autumn Equinox: September 19 at Griffith Park near Crystal Springs Drive

Samhain: November 7 at the Green Man

Yule: December 13 at Nicholas Canyon Beach