Beltane Ritual

Beltane 2020
Illustration by Ilonka Karasz

We invite you to a special online celebration of Beltane, also known as May Day! For those in the northern hemisphere, this is usually a time when we celebrate the magic of sex and creation, as the days become warmer and longer. However, this year many of us are spending Beltane season undergoing private underworld initiations, in physical isolation from many beloveds, and in grief for what we have lost. While we are not able to gather physically in our local community, we are reminded now more than ever of how close we are to other witches across the globe, and we feel a particularly strong call to weave together our Beltane ritual with the energies of Samhaintide that are happening concurrently in the southern hemisphere. In this Zoom-based ritual, we will celebrate this unprecedented Beltane by gathering in virtual space to work the magic of the season from our separate homes, in fellowship with our allies, our ancestors, and with one another.

Our intention for this ritual is: We dance with Inanna between the underworld and the starry vault, weaving the wisdom of our ancestors into a more just and loving world.




4 PM Pacific Time

The Zoom link will be posted on the Facebook event the evening before the ritual. Alternatively, you may email to RSVP.



● We ask that participants dress in red, if possible, to honor the lifeblood and the healing allyship of the Red Dragon.
● You are invited to have a snack or a meal at the ready for after the ritual is completed. Once the planned portion of the ritual is finished, there will be an invitation to share food in community.


All Genders Welcome!

Witches from other parts of the globe are welcome and encouraged to attend, even (or especially) if it is Samhain season in your locale.

To support those in recovery, all of our rituals are clean and sober.


2020 Ritual Calendar

Brigid: February 8 at the Green Man

Ostara: March 21 online

Beltane: May 2 online

Litha: June 13 at Nicholas Canyon Beach

Lughnasadh: August 1 at the Green Man

Autumn Equinox: September 19 at Griffith Park near Crystal Springs Drive

Samhain: November 7 at the Green Man

Yule: December 13 at Nicholas Canyon Beach