Yule Ritual

Image: Amanda Clark

Join Reclaiming LA to celebrate WINTER SOLSTICE at the beach! This mid-winter solar festival, also known as Yule, occurs when the sun is at its lowest elevation in the Northern Hemisphere, and marks the shortest day of the year. From the moment of Winter Solstice, the sun begins to wax and embark on its journey towards Spring, bringing hope and the promise of new life and growth.

We will be working with ocean deities Iemenja and Manannán Mac Lir, and our ritual intention is:
We journey through the holy dark, to be healed in the sacred light, singing with the gods.


12:00pm Gather & Potluck
1:15pm Potluck cleanup
1:30pm Beach Drum Circle
2:00pm Ritual

Please allow extra travel time and carpool if possible.

Suggested Donation: Love Donation, $0 to $20. All money raised will go to support the Reclaiming Los Angeles community.

Nicholas Canyon County Beach*
33850 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265

*We have not been to the beach since the Woolsey Fire, but will be checking on the site soon. Please keep an eye out for updates on our ritual location.

The ritual space is approximately 100-120 yards from the parking lot. The get to the ritual space one must descend two standard stair cases or ramped walkways from the lot. The ritual will be held on the sand by the beach, where it’s relatively level. There are very few sound reflective elements near the ritual space that would reflect sound back to attendees. We are likely to complete the ritual before dusk, as the beach closes at sundown.

We have written this accessibility statement to be as inclusive as possible so that people with accessibility concerns do not have to do the labor of asking. If we have overlooked some aspect, please email us at, and we will do our utmost to answer – your question is not a burden in the slightest and will help us to improve our accessibility statements on future rituals.

The parking entrance can be hard to see. If you’ve gotten to Leo Carrillo you’ve gone too far. You can park on PCH for free and trek in, or park in the lot for $8. If you park in the lot, there are two levels of spots, and if you drive down one level, there are closer spots to the stairs leading to the beach and the ritual site. There are also ramped walkways.

Ritual Site: After descending the stairs to the beach from the parking lot, turn right (North) and you’ll find us there.


All Genders Welcome!
Children welcome with adult supervision

What to Bring
There will be an invitation to go into the ocean during the ritual. This is optional, but if you think you may want to do the plunge, please bring a swimsuit, towel and a change of warm clothes.

  • Please dress warmly because we won’t have a fire.
  • Please bring FLOWERS as an offering to the ocean/land. White flowers are traditional.
  • Please bring your own sun hat, sunscreen, etc.
  • Please bring your own drinking water.
  • Please bring food and drink to share for the pre-ritual potluck.
  • Please bring your own reusable/washable plate, cup, utensils, and napkin. There will be NO paper plates or plasticware available.

To support those in recovery, all of our rituals are clean and sober.


Ritual Calendar

Stay tuned for 2019 ritual dates!